C.B., Teacher

"If you had asked me 14 months ago how I felt about exercise, the answer would have been, “Yuck” “No way,” and a million other excuses why I couldn’t. My weight had reached an all time high and when health issues started to creep into my negative lifestyle, I realized that I had to do something about my physical well being and of course that meant a change in diet and exercise habits. The combination of a sensible healthy diet and a cardio and personal training program, I have successfully lost 52 pounds and 4 dress sizes to date. I now enjoy working out and get upset if I can’t get to the gym. I really look forward to my personal training sessions. The physical changes from personal training and my new and improved eating habits have given me the confidence to look in the mirror and be proud of what I see. I feel great, look better and my energy levels have increased. Tim is an excellent motivator and I am grateful for his encouragement that has helped me to achieve this positive change. He is able to push me further than I ever thought I could go but without making the challenge impossible to achieve."


A.R., Accountant

"Over the 6 years that I have been a client of 5 More Personal Training, I have seen very pleasing progress and results in not only my physical appearance, but my strength, posture and confidence as well.  I started with Tim Thompson when I was a 22 year-old university student, looking to shed some excess weight.  Through my weekly sessions with Tim, I began to truly understand the importance of proper form, technique and physical exertion. With this knowledge and Tim's encouragement and ability to challenge me, I was able to not only meet my weight loss goals but to surpass my own expectations in terms of overall strength and agility.  Today I can say with much certainty that I would never have made this progress and seen such results without the help of Tim.  Signing up with 5 More Personal Training was one of the wisest choices I have made in terms of my overall fitness and health."


J.L., Real Estate Developer

“I've been training with Tim for over two years now. My original goal was to lose weight, tone up and begin a fitness program that would be manageable and realistic to maintain.  In a short period of time, I was able to exceed these goals losing nearly 40 lbs, increasing my muscle mass, improving not only my core strength but my overall level of fitness.  Tim’s custom tailored approach to training recognizes that no two individuals are alike and that every fitness program must balance individual capabilities with goals and expectations.  As such, Tim developed a focused program tailored to my needs, that defined each work out and allowed me to achieve the results I was looking for.  Something that continues to stand out in my mind is that after two years of training with Tim, he still has me guessing.  I never know what to expect any time I walk through that door.  Tim has not only been encouraging and supportive, he’s been a constant source of motivation for me.  Thank you Tim for your dedication and for helping me look and feel this great.”


C.W., Physiotherapist

Thank you so much Tim for all your support and encouragement over the past few months. I could not have recuperated from my surgery without your help!!


J.D., Business Owner

I have been over weight all my life and have felt sluggish and not good about myself. This year has been a millstone for me because I have lost 72 pounds and now I feel amazing. I owe everything to my trainer Tim. He guides me, he pushes me, and he fills my ears with positive comments that encourage me to push outside of my comfort zone. I have run my first 5 km race and crossed the finish line in tears of joy – I actually did it!!!!


K.T., High School Student

I played Ringette on Tim’s Team over the year. His guidance on physical fitness for our team has been amazing. With the circulatory warm-ups and stretching prior to a game, dryland fitness sessions prior to our practices, and nutritional information before/during/after our tournaments have made our team very competitive with all the top teams in the province. My wall is filled with many medals. Thanks Tim!

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