One-on-One Training

Working out one-on-one with your trainer will ensure a smart and safe exercise program that will progress you step-by-step as a beginner, move you beyond a stubborn plateau, break you out of a fitness rut or simply re-energize your workout.

Buddy Up Training

Do you and a friend share similar fitness goals?  By teaming up with a friend, you will save money and have a great workout partner.  And having another person holding you accountable will help you adhere to a program. A partner is required and both individuals must sign up at the same time.

Small Group Training

Whether you put together your own group of friends or join an existing group, 5 More Personal Training’s small group training is an affordable way to experience the benefits of personal training in a more social atmosphere.  Your small group, of 3 to 5 people, will all be working towards a similar goal while encouraging each other along the way.

Next Steps...

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