How often should I do personal training?

How often you schedule personal training mostly depends on you. It's an individual decision that will be based on your fitness goals, availability, and budget. If you have more questions regarding your personal training please refer to your 5 More Personal Trainer.

When must I make payment?

If paying for a Personal Training package, full payment is due before the first session.  On a la cart sessions, payment is due before the session starts.

Do your trainers accept credit cards?

At this point in time, 5 More Personal Trainers do not accept credit cards.  Cash, cheques or money orders are the accepted methods of payment.

What if I cancel a session?

A client who fails to appear for a scheduled training appointment or who cancels an appointment without a minimum of 24-hour advance notice will be charged for that appointment or deducted a session from their personal training package.

What happens if I am late for a session?

The trainer is not obligated to make up time due to a client's lateness. More than 1/2 hour lateness constitutes a late cancellation and the trainer is not obligated to conduct the session. In some cases a trainer will wait and work with you for the remaining time. But this is solely up to their discretion. In either case you will be charged fully for the session.

How many days a week do I need to workout?

This question can only be answered effectively after you have talked with your trainer. It depends upon your current conditions, goals, schedule, budget and your 5 More Personal Trainer’s availability. You may "need" to workout with a trainer four days a week, but only have the time or budget for two days a week. In these cases, the trainer will work to teach you a program that you can do on your own for the days that you cannot work with a trainer. This, of course, necessitates your willingness and ability to implement such a program.

I don't have the discipline to train on my own, but I want to make my fitness a long term commitment. How long a period with a trainer work with me?

Some trainer/client relationships extend over many years. How long an extended period of time you work with a trainer depends upon many factors. These include the interrelationship between you and a trainer, availability, scheduling and logistics. If after a time, your trainer is unable to continue and you want to still work with a trainer, you can either contact us again and we'll find someone for you or your trainer may know someone who he/she thinks is suitable for your needs.

I can workout on my own, but I need to learn what to do and how to exercise correctly. Will a trainer work with me on this basis?

Yes. A 5 More Personal Trainer will evaluate you, access your needs, develop a diet plan if needed and work with you over a number of sessions to teach you fat loss and toning/building exercises necessary for you to achieve your goals. You will come away with a program tailored to your needs and can workout on your own. The number of sessions needed for this depends upon your fitness needs, how quickly you master the movements and your budget. You can always schedule an additional session or sessions later for a refresher or to upgrade your program.

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